• Addiction And Veterans

      Addiction And Veterans

      When Veterans Succumb to Addiction (by Helen Young) Veterans returning from combat zones face many challenges when they return home and re-enter civilian life: for many veterans, one of these challenges can be overcoming drug addiction and/or alcoholism. It is not uncommon for veterans to succumb to addiction, or for this addiction to present in …Read More »
    • All in the Addiction Family

      When an addict or alcoholic goes into recovery the entire family goes into recovery mode as well. Every family member has work to do in order to heal. Here is a story about this that I wrote for Orchard Recovery Center on Bowen Island: All in the Addiction FamilyRead More »
    • Addicted to Energy Drinks?

      Addicted to Energy Drinks?

      When Edgewood treatment centre (Nanaimo, BC) alumnus, Tyler J., first got clean he found that drinking too many energy drinks made him feel jittery, nauseous and uncomfortable in his own skin. “It reminded me very closely of the feeling of coming down from a high, and it was not a pleasant feeling. I was a …Read More »
    • Addicted to Art

      Addicted to Art

      While writing a story for Edgewood addiction treatment centre, in Nanaimo British Columbia, about art therapy I rolled up my sleeves and gave it a go. At risk of being overexposed I am sharing the results: ••••••••••••• A Cuppa Life •••••••••••• So it was time for me to try a little of this art therapy using …Read More »
    • Stressed Out? Watch Out: Addiction and Stress

      Stressed Out? Watch Out: Addiction and Stress

      I remember, after my spiritual counsellor advised I go into treatment for my abuse of alcohol and pills, asking her if that meant I could not just relax on a Friday night with a couple of glasses of wine. Truth is, those two glasses of wine had grown to too much wine. I had over …Read More »

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