• Whistler Film Festival: From Hitler to Alcoholism & Much More

      Whistler Film Festival: From Hitler to Alcoholism & Much More

      The 17th annual Whistler Film Festival just roared through Whistler with some 87 films and lots of buzz for a festival that has been called “Canada’s coolest film fest,” and “Whistler’s best arts and cultural event.” The opening film was The Darkest Hour about Winston Churchill during WWII when he refused to enter into negotiations with …Read More »
    • Recovery from Addiction à la Russell Brand

      Recovery from Addiction à la Russell Brand

      Brilliant comic, actor and author Russell Brand, has scored a perfect 12 with his new book, Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions. He is 14 years in recovery from drugs, sex, fame and more. This book makes a 12 Step program of recovery humorous and accessible to anyone. As Brand writes: “The program in this book has given me …Read More »
    • Somali Kidnapping Horrors Relived

      Somali Kidnapping Horrors Relived

      Canadian Amanda Lindhout, was a young, freelance journalist when she was kidnapped with photographer, Australian Nigel Brennan, in 2008. She was released 15 months later after her mom handled much of the dealings with the kidnappers. They were asking for a million dollars ransom. Lindhout has since written the bestseller, A House in the Sky, about her …Read More »
    • Whistler Writers Festival

      Whistler Writers Festival

      Miji Campbell, author of Separation Anxiety: A Coming of Middle Age Story, is one of the sixty authors at this year’s Whistler Writers Festival. She participated in the panel discussion, Tales from the Trenches, about modern publishing realities.  Campbell also ran a writing workshop called Memorabilia. She explains how important rituals are when she writes. The Festival …Read More »
    • Are Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster Dangerous?

      British Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver, is calling for regulation of the ever popular caffeinated energy drinks such as Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster. I did a story for Edgemont Treatment Centre in Nanaimo, British Columbia, how how addictive these drinks are: Addicted to Energy Drinks?Read More »

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