When an addict or alcoholic goes into recovery the entire family goes into recovery mode as well. Every family member has work to do in order to heal. Here is a story about this that I wrote for Orchard Recovery Center on Bowen Island: All in the Addiction Family


An interview with Patrick Kennedy about the organization he co-founded, PROJECT SAM Smart Approaches to Marijuana, which advocates the non-legalization of pot. He was in Canada to support the Canadian equivalent–SAMC Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada. This interview took place on May 16, 2014, on the Vancouver waterfront. Kennedy served sixteen years in the US House of Representatives and is the son of the late Edward Kennedy.


Rosemary was a speaker at HealthQuest’s Resolving Addictions in the Workplace Conference 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. Here is the PowerPoint of her presentation, which is based on her master’s thesis from the University of British Columbia School of Journalism, “The intergenerational aspects of addiction and alcoholism in females.”

This article Rosemary wrote for TheThunderbird, “Affluent Addicts Fuel Downtown East Side Street Drug Trade,” explores the underreported problem affluent individuals have with addiction. The sidebar, “Stetson’s Story,” details the self-destruction of a successful businessman.

Rosemary used her position as managing editor of Scarlett magazine for the professional woman to explore addiction issues in editorials:

“Oh Brother”
The Canadian Mental Health Association estimates that one in five Canadians will be affected at some point during their lifetime by a mental illness or addiction. Many alcoholics and addicts are diagnosed with concurrent disorders: addiction and mental health issues.

“Addiction, a Disease not a Choice” is a detailed exposition of the scientific explanation for addiction.