Keevil-Green-Dress_croppedRosemary Keevil is a journalist who has worked for Canada’s CTV Network, CHUM Radio Network, the national Globe and Mail newspaper, Scarlett magazine and

Patrick Kennedy, Naomi Wolfe, Pierre Salinger, Matt Dillon, and Amy Grant are among the thousands of people Rosemary has interviewed during her career.

Tragedy hit Rosemary in 1991 when her husband died of cancer and her brother died of AIDS and she became a single parent of her two very young girls. While still high functioning Rosemary fell into the grips of alcohol and drugs. She went into recovery in 2002.

Rosemary has developed a sophisticated knowledge of alcoholism, addiction, mental health issues, and the associated treatments and therapies. She has visited and researched some two dozen drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities throughout North America and studied treatments and therapies extensively. Addiction was her academic specialty when taking her Master of Journalism.

Rosemary received her master’s degree from the University of British Columbia School of Journalism in Vancouver, and has a Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and a Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.

She lives in West Vancouver, Canada, with her partner and her Sheep-a-doodle, Rufus. Rosemary is a proud mother of two adult daughters who are both successful in their chosen careers.

Favorite Jobs and Assignments:

  • News reporting for CFTO-CTV in Toronto
  • Host of The Rosemary Keevil Show, a live, drive-time, current affairs talk show, on CFUN Radio in Vancouver
  • News reporter for The Globe and Mail (paid internship)
  • Managing editor of Scarlett magazine for the professional woman
  • Online Google mapping and live blogging of the Vancouver civic elections for
  • Guest relations for the Vancouver International Film Festival

Professional Affiliations:

  • The Canadian Association of Journalists
  • Professional Writers Association of Canada
  • Canadian Media Guild
  • National Association of Memoir Writers
  • The University of British Columbia School of Journalism
  • Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine

Professional Conferences & Continuing Ed:

  • Jack Hirose and Associates: 4th Annual Healing and Treating Trauma, Addictions and Related Disorders Conference: (Richmond, BC, 2013): Continuing Education credits: Continuing Education Certificate