RC William MoyersWilliam Cope Moyers was one of the impressive lineup of recovery specialists speaking at the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada September 7th and 8th at the Anvil Centre in New Westminster, B.C. Moyers is a renowned speaker and bestselling author of Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption about his life as a crack addict. He is the the vice-president of Public Affairs and Community Relations for the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Moyers has been employed by the addiction treatment centre since 1996, two years after he came into recovery from crack addiction. He gave a deeply moving personal view of his life as a crack addict. Stay tuned for a clip of his dynamite talk about his life as a an addict and his work since then promoting change in drug policies.

Another speaker was the Honourable Judy Darcy, the MLA for New Westminster. She gaveRC Judy Darcy
her first major speech as the newly appointed Minister of Mental Health and Addictions. (This is a new provincial ministry created by John Horgan’s recently elected NDP government.) She addressed the fentaynl crisis and the province’s approach to drug policy.

Darcy also said the subject of addiction is close to the surface for her as her mother suffered from addiction and mental health issues while Darcy was growing up. She said it was painful for her mother and the family.

Darcy spoke ahead of keynote speaker, Dr. João Goulão, Portugal’s national drug coordinator. He gave a detailed account of the success of the decriminalization of drugs in Portugal.

The Recovery Capital Conference of Canada is presented by:




“In attendance you’ll find Physicians, Occupational Health Leaders, Human Resources Managers, Health Care Policy Makers, Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Interventionists, Residential Treatment Centre Management and Clinical Teams, Students, Union Leaders, Community Leaders, Disability Management Coordinators, Professional Regulatory Bodies, Insurance Carriers, Labour Relations Specialists, Employee Assistance Program providers, Labour Lawyers, Safety Committee Members, Union Representatives, and people in recovery all working together to create better health care.” (recoverycapitalconference.com)