heart twoDr. George Vaillant is a psychiatrist and professor at Harvard Medical School. Although a physician, he extolls the virtues of the AA because it embraces positive emotions, hope and gratitude which, he says, doctors tend to overlook.  This was the topic of his talk at the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada (September 7-8, New Westminster, BC):

Teaching Non-Alcoholic Professionals The Language of the Heart

Jim Myklebust, an addiction counsellor at Orchard Recovery Center on Bowen Island, BC, spoke in the same session as Dr. Vaillant. Myklebust also promotes the Twelve Steps of AA as a way to get and stay clean and sober. In this clip he discusses the barriers people have that prevent them from embracing the Twelve Steps:

The Value of AA and The Twelve Steps

The acronyms he refers to at the end are Good Orderly Direction and Group of Drunks.