P1040736 - Version 2The 17th annual Whistler Film Festival just roared through Whistler with some 87 films and lots of buzz for a festival that has been called “Canada’s coolest film fest,” and “Whistler’s best arts and cultural event.”

The opening film was The Darkest Hour about Winston Churchill during WWII when he refused to enter into negotiations with Adolph Hitler.

A hit with me was I, Tonya, the true story of  “white trash” Olympic figure skater, Tonya Harding, who was charged with smashing the legs of rival Nancy Kerrigan.

There was one movie about alcoholism–a short called Apart From Everything about a woman whoAPART-FROM-EVERYTHING-Stills-464760 copy
has returned from rehab for alcoholism. She tries to make amends with her female fiancée and her brother. Tatiana Maslany gives a realistic portrayal of how gritty it can be during the first few months, or more, in sobriety.

Shauna Hardy Mishaw is the executive director of the Whistler Film Festival and is one of the founders. Paul Gratton is the Director of Programming.

On opening night Whistler’s acting mayor, Councillor Jack Crompton, said the Resort Municipality of Whislter is pleased to invest in the festival: “Whistler is a ski town but we are becoming a cultural centre and the Whistler Film Festival had made that happens in ways that we cannot and will not underestimate.”